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During your stay at the grand Chateau Annette, you can enjoy our heavenly breakfast served in our Grand Kitchen or the dining room. The talented Chef Ben prepares all breakfast items with love and is well known for his exemplary culinary skills. The Chateau Annette bed & breakfast in Lexington KY is one-of-a-kind. Chef Ben only uses fresh ingredients including fruits, vegetables, eggs, coffee, and crème to create mouthwatering meals.

Wake-Up to Heart-Warming Bed & Breakfast in Lexington KY!

If you are planning to visit Lexington, KY, you should definitely stay for a few days at the Chateau Annette. The luxurious accommodation at Chateau Annette will leave you enchanted. Our care for our guests is quite evident in the breakfast they enjoy by our head Chef Ben. He uses his remarkable culinary skills and experience to create magic on a platter. You will never have a more aromatic and flavorful breakfast in your life.

At Chateau Annette B&B, we ensure that every food item is fresh. That is the reason why we source all of our breakfast ingredients from local farms. We have close ties with local food stalls in the neighboring area as well. This allows us to acquire fresh organic fruits and dairy goods easily. From berries to whipped crème fraiche, waffles, and more, every item is fresh to the core. Chef Ben uses fresh and healthy ingredients to prepare an appetizing breakfast meal that will tantalize your taste buds.

Made-to-Order Chateau Annette Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky to Meet Your Dietary Needs!

We take personalized breakfast orders from our guests to ensure that the food is according to their liking. Chef Ben takes notes of every guest’s requirements including allergies and special dietary needs. So, if you are allergic to an ingredient, we suggest you share this information with us. This will allow us to take special care of the breakfast we prepare for you. Chef Ben prepares special breakfast items for those, who are suffering from diabetes or any other health complication.

If you are on a restricted diet, we provide gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, and nut-free breakfast options.

If you fancy a juicy Filet Mignon, let Chef Ben know, and he will prepare the best Filet Mignon with Beurre Blanc sauce you have ever tasted. No matter what your breakfast choices are, at Chateau Annette we make sure you feel like royalty.

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