Dream King Suite

Dream King Suite The Dream King Suite is an elegant and royal master suite that offers one-of-a-kind comfort and luxury. Located on the second floor of the gorgeous Chateau Annette bed and breakfast in Lexington KY, this breathtaking suite is for the privacy seekers looking for supreme comfort during their stay. As the name suggests, this suite is really a King-size suite with clear spaces to make you feel relaxed and at peace. What makes this suite at Chateau Annette Luxury B&B remarkable is its French interior. The intricate doors and windows of the Dream King Suite look like a dream and truly speak of French craftsmanship. The huge windows offer magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and lush green gardens. The Dream King Suite is one of the most impressive luxury suites in Lexington KY Bed and Breakfast, offering guests a chance to feel cozy. The suite features all necessary amenities including surround sound technology, making you feel special throughout your stay. If you are looking for the perfect example of luxury, class, and comfort, choose the Dream King Suite as your contemporary room in Chateau Annette! Features * * Built in 48" Flat screen TV with Bose surround sound system * * Custom 12' tray ceiling with ornate fan * * King Bed with luxurious memory foam mattress * * Electric Fireplace * * Custom designed wood flooring * * Custom walk in double faucet shower * * Double vanity sinks with granite countertops * * Comfort height commode/bidet combo * * Non-smoking room * * Marble Floors * * Large Garden Jacuzzi Tub Book the Dream King Suite Keeneland to bring all your luxury getaway dreams to life for an utterly jaw-dropping experience!


The Maine Stay Double Suite & Patio The Maine Stay Suite in Chateau Annette Bed and Breakfast Lexington KY is designed to perfection, inspired by Annette’s childhood. The breathtaking B&B Lexington KY suite is ideal for individuals looking for a soothing getaway next to gorgeous views of the nature. What makes this suite utterly impressive is its classical nautical design and interior with minimal décor. The French element has been kept alive in this suite as well with its doors and windows portraying the elegance of French architecture that was an evident part of Annette’s hometown of Maine.

Fine French Living Experience

The intricately designed French door of the Maine Stay Double Suite opens to a magnificent patio that offers panoramic views of the historic South Elkhorn Creek. Guests staying in the grand Maine Suite get to witness incredible views of the landscape and lush green lands. Due to the abundance of wildlife near the Creek, you can view beautiful wildlife in action including adorable deer and blue herons. Relaxing in the gorgeous patio of your Maine Suite will be a truly rewarding experience. You can relax in your chair and watch geese and ducks float in the stream. And when night falls, the skies turn blue and the stars make their appearance to make up for a perfect romantic evening with a loved one. This luxury B&B suite features a range of amenities to make you feel special and entertained throughout your stay.

Key Features

  • * Skylight
  • * Open suite with walk out patio
  • * Flat Screen TV
  • * Two Double Beds with luxurious memory foam mattresses
  • * Brazilian Cherry wood floors
  • * Commode with Bidet combo
  • * Double sink & vanity
  • * Non-smoking room
  • * Walk-in shower
Want to enjoy a truly rewarding experience at the finest Bed and Breakfast in Lexington KY? Book your Maine Suite now! The suite is designed to make you feel grand during your stay and to accommodate your needs in the best way possible.  


The inspiration behind the Grey Goose King Suite is Geese, one of Annette’s favorite birds that calmly float in water. Because the location of the this suite is next to neighbouring paddocks filled with Thoroughbred and Keeneland, Annette wanted the suite to be themed around the serenity of the stream flowing in back of Chateau Annette bed and breakfast Lexington Ky. The beautiful stream of water makes for a perfect view and remains an attraction for geese and ducks, which is what the Grey Goose King Suite is inspired from. This elegant suite is located on the second floor of the luxury B&B Lexington INN offering panoramic views of the lush green natural landscape. Guests can enjoy the views of acres of green gardens and gorgeous paddocks right next to the Thoroughbred farm. The color theme and set-up of the room is such that it gives a very classy vibe while making guests feel cozy. The walls are cool toned, making the indoor ambience more soothing. The cool blue and grey toned walls of the Grey Goose King Suite settle well with Annette’s love for geese. The French windows and doors of the suite represent find craftsmanship and exude elegance in the finest manner. Features * * Flat Screen TV * * King Bed with luxurious memory foam mattress * * Skylight * * Non-smoking Room * * Double sinks & vanity So, if you are looking for a relaxing time out from your hectic life while visiting Kentucky, choose the grand Grey Goose King Suite in Chateau Annette Bed and Breakfast in Lexington KL. The suite is packed with luxurious amenities to make your stay more comforting.


Sun Room King Suite & Patio of bed and breakfast in lexington KY. When it comes to pure luxury, Sun Room King Suite is one of the best in Chateau Annette Bed and Breakfast in Lexington KY. This exclusive suite is one-of-a-kind and offers breathtaking views of the historic South Elkhorn Creek. It is located on the second floor of the luxury hotel in Keeneland and features its private patio, which is a sweet addition to this gorgeous room.

Supreme Luxury and Comfort

Installed with huge French style windows, this room is named after its massive sunlight passages. The wooden blinds on the windows can be used to adjust the brightness, allowing guests to make the most of the soothing warmth of the sun. What makes this suite super impressive and a dream room to stay in is its gorgeous interior. And if you are in search of a temporary residence in Keeneland with magnificent views of the lush green gardens of the Bluegrass Region, look no further and book the Sun Room King Suite. The private patio with the suite turns into a romantic spot during nighttime with sparkly starts covering the sky. This luxury suite also features tons of amenities to make your stay more relaxing including a full service wet bar for added fun.

Key Features

  • * King Bed with luxurious memory foam mattresses
  • * Double sink & vanity
  • * Flat screen TV
  • * Large Wet Bar area with Brazilian Cherry floors and all appliances
  • * Walk in shower
  • * Non-smoking room
From its elegant bedroom to its classy bathroom, every tiny detail speaks volumes of its grandeur.

Creekside Latitude King Suite

Creekside Latitude King Suite The Creekside Latitude King Suite is a prime example of luxury and comfort bed and breakfast lexington Ky. This suite is ideal for those looking for a relaxing time away from all the hustle bustle of the city. This gorgeous suite is located on the main level and features its private patio that offers magnificent views of the historical South Elkhorn Creek. The river stream and the lush green gardens surrounding Chateau Annette Bed and Breakfast in Lexington KY make this suite ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy their vacations in the serenity of the nature. This beautiful suite offers supreme comfort and relaxation to guests with its various amenities. If you take a peek outside the intricately carved French windows of this cozy suite, you will be able to witness wildlife in full swing. From deer to geese, the water stream and the green grasslands remain a frequent visiting zone for beautiful creatures. The private patio adds diversity to the entire experience at the Creekside Latitude King Suite, making guests feel like royalty throughout their stay. Features * * King Bed with luxurious memory foam mattress * * Non-smoking room * * Flat Screen TV * * Private Bath * * Private Patio The Creekside Latitude King Suite is cozier than all other luxury suites in Chateau Annette B&B in Lexington KY. So, if you want a relaxing experience, book your suite now!

Common Area

Common Area Chateau Annette Bed and Breakfast in Lexington KY offers luxurious accommodation for individuals looking for supreme comfort in their ever so hectic lives. The Common Area of the luxury hotel is a massive space that is decorated to resemble Maine state inspired French architecture and interior. This spacious area features comfortable sitting area for all the guests looking to socialize or relax. This expansive and beautiful common area of the leading Lexington KY Bed and Breakfast is a place where everyone chit chats. Whether you want to lay back and sip onto a cup of hot coffee with a book in your hand or you are in search of entertainment, this luxurious Keeneland B&B common room will accommodate all your needs. This relaxing common area of Chateau Annette B&B in Lexington KY features three separate sitting area offering pure comfort and coziness to guests. There is a game room with fun games for guests to play and a wet bar that keeps guests feeling fresh with its amazing variety of tranquil drinks. And if you want some nature therapy to calm your mind and senses, head outside to the covered porch. The views from the porch are simply mesmerizing and utterly impressive. You can sit in the porch and enjoy the view of a gorgeous bridge and a picturesque waterfall.

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