Chateau Annette Lexington B&B Keeneland – A Truly Hospitable Experience

How it All Started

Chateau Annette, lexington B&B Keeneland  is the epitome of luxury and superior comfort for those seeking a relaxing getaway in the horse capital of the world. The posh bed and breakfast in Lexington KY has rich history with its name that is as charming as the hospitality experience itself.

Chateau Annette Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky is the brainchild of Ben Annette. But how the two met and came up with the idea of a luxurious bed and breakfast is a story we all need to hear.

Ben met Annette in Maine, which is Annette’s home state. The two fell in love with each other and exchanged vows to be together forever. They have been happily married for twenty-nine years and share a very strong bond to date.

Our Background

Ben holds an engineering degree with a professional background as an engineer as well. However, all the technical stuff didn’t appeal to him the way food did. He was always fond of cooking and experimenting with different flavors. He spent most of his leisure time preparing meals and over time he turned into an expert chef with extra-ordinary culinary skills.

Annette on the other hand possesses unique skills of creativity and is an operations director. She loves to experiment with different things and her eye for attention is simply impressive. She is also fond of servicing others and likes to spend time socializing with people. She is a real people’s person.

Ben and Annette’s unique skills, tastes, and abilities turned them into outstanding party organizers. The two would arrange parties and incite everyone over for some fun. The couple also loved to hang-out with friends and family in their free time.

But things changed for the better. . .

Their life was going perfectly and the two were satisfied. But there came a time when their friends and family members started to move out of their home town. Some began families of their own, while others moved out of state to pursue their careers. Little by little, their home got emptier and when their daughter also moved away, Ben and Annette started to miss the good old days when they were surrounded by friends and family all the time.

The emptiness in their home began to bother them so much that they got an idea, an idea that changed everything for the better. That’s when Chateau Annette Bed and Breakfast in Lexington KY came into existence.

A Truly Unique and Magical Bed and Breakfast Experience!

In a bid to fill up the empty space in their lives, Ben and Annette created Chateau Annette Bed and Breakfast.  The two generously decorated the gorgeous bed and breakfast in Kentucky to resemble the classy French theme from Annette’s hometown of Maine. Ben and Annette spent a lot of time decorating the Luxury Lexington B&B with the skills and knowledge that they possessed. They put their professional knowledge at play by creating a masterpiece for people in search of a getaway in breathtaking Kentucky.

With his impressive culinary skills, Ben prepares the most delectable meals, and with her outstanding social skills, Annette created the most mesmerizing hospitality experience for the guests of Chateau Annette. The one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast is located a few miles from Keeneland horse track and the airport. The luxury hotel features 13 acres of gorgeous Blue-Grass with picturesque views of South Elkhorn. Guests staying at their luxury suites also get a chance to witness wildlife in action including beautiful deer and blue herons. Ducks and geese can also be found on the lexington B&B  grass land, offering a truly fascinating experience for visitors.


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